Why Embed Analytics with Qlik?


Expand into new markets and uncover numerous opportunities for growth, such as new and more consistent revenue and improved ROI.


Add value and attract new customers – and keep them tied to your product – by giving them world-class analytics backed by Qlik's powerful associative engine.

Accelerate Time to Market

With a trusted platform from a market leader, go to market with analytics in a matter of weeks. Reap the benefits right away.

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Embedding Analytics:
How Unified Logic Increased Value and ROI

Join us to learn how embedding Qlik analytics instantly added value for Unified Logic’s customers and immediately delivered a strong ROI.

Who Benefits from Qlik Embedded Analytics?

Product Manager

Boost revenue, drive adoption, get to market faster, and more: Qlik embedded analytics add the value and context your customers crave. Our diverse portfolio of capabilities supports a growing set of use cases, so you can stay ahead of your customers’ needs.


Qlik’s broad set of APIs, extensible platform, open-source extensions, and charting libraries give you exactly what you need to rapidly prototype and assemble, seamlessly integrate, deploy, and deliver analytics to your customers – fast.

Business Manager

With more than 900 global OEM partners, we know what true product differentiation looks like. Gain competitive edge and maximize ROI with Qlik’s best-in-class analytics.

Partner with Qlik

Qlik has the most extensive partner ecosystem in the industry. More than 1,700 partners serve thousands of customers in 100+ countries around the globe. Whether you’re an ISV, systems integrator, information platform provider, or original equipment manufacturer, you’ll be backed by continued support, education, enablement tools, and programs that help you meet all your customers’ needs. The benefits? Increased revenue, expanded business, more satisfied customers, and more.

One Solution, Any Scenario

Qlik offers the most complete platform for embedding analytics solutions on the market – quickly and easily integrating what you need today and anticipating what you’ll need tomorrow.

World-class analytics, dashboards, and visualizations are easily embedded in your applications, transforming your data from untapped information into strategic insights and actions.

Get an in-depth look at embedded analytics, including the evolution, benefits, and evaluation criteria. Learn how an embedded analytics platform provides a rich, supportive environment for you, your product developers, and your customers to harness and extend analytics.

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Powerful, controlled analytics experiences and pre-built dashboards guide users toward discovering the insights that drive meaningful business decisions.

Embedding Qlik analytics in your product allows your users to uncover patterns and connections in their data. Learn how our platform architecture, APIs, and powerful associative data indexing engine enable you to guide your customers to valuable data-driven insights.

Read the Brief

Self-service environments empower individuals and teams to explore their data and uncover hidden insights in a meaningful, trusted way.

The most successful BI platforms put governed data analysis directly into the hands of users. See why more than half of executives agree that self-service data analysis delivers benefits and creates a significant competitive advantage.

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A broad range of users can easily collaborate on, create, and distribute reports. Data stories and trends are easily and instantly accessible, keeping the entire team informed.

Information silos limit team collaboration and business success. Empower your customers with reporting capabilities so any of their users can uncover insights and share with others. See 5 ways to utilize BI reporting with Qlik.

Explore the E-book

Custom-create full-fledged, modern visual-analytics apps that fit your needs and your brand, backed by Qlik’s unmatched associative data indexing engine.

Learn how the Qlik Analytics Platform is flexible enough to scale wherever you need to go and provides a modern, next-generation extensible development environment to meet all of your embedding needs.

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We Know Differentiation

As the leader in embedded analytics, we make products that stand out – which means yours will too.



With over 900 OEM partners globally and over 10 years of experience living and breathing every facet of business intelligence and embedded analytics, we’re experts in the difference that data analytics can make for you, your product, and your customers. We’ve invested years of product development in our analytics platform, so you know you’re getting top-notch technology and the most complete BI portfolio that can’t be found anywhere else.

Education and Resources

Education and Resources

As your BI partner, we want to paint a clear picture of how embedded analytics benefits you – and how our complete platform can solve any of your analytics needs. We’re committed to providing you with the tools and answers you need to be successful right out of the gate. Our partner community, developer forums, and resource library are at your fingertips. And you can always contact us.



We want to work with you – and for you. That’s why we offer flexible licensing models to match your specific business requirements. From perpetual to per-seat to subscription and revenue share, or even a hybrid across one or more models, we make sure we’re aligned to your strategy and needs.