What’s in it for you?

Whether you’re a product manager, developer, or just looking to take your product to the next level, Qlik has a solution to fit your specific needs.

Product Managers

Qlik’s platform for embedded analytics immediately adds value to your product, making it more enticing, more compelling, and more important to your customers. We get you to market fast, drive adoption, and help you deliver more revenue once you’re there. Our best-in-class platform is the only one that meets every use case as you grow.

Multiple Use Cases

From self-service analytics to custom apps and reporting, Qlik covers a broad spectrum of use cases and capabilities that grow alongside you. Get the details about each one.

Your Qlik Experience

With secure, scalable technologies that support everything from on-premises to SaaS models, Qlik makes it simple to give your customers the analytics they want. See how you benefit from partnering with us.

Your Customers’ Experience

Immediately after embedding Qlik analytics, Unified Logic saw increased customer satisfaction and skyrocketing subscription levels. Get the whole story behind their success.

Get a Deeper Dive

Perfect for product managers and developers, our demos show how easily you can leverage the power of our APIs within your solution’s environment. Get step-by-step demonstrations and walk-through examples of our integration options, provisioning for SaaS multi-tenancy, and self-service offerings.


From guided analytics to fully custom capabilities using our powerful APIs, Qlik embedded analytics meet all your requirements, today and into the future. Our associative data indexing engine, modern platform design, open-source extensions, and charting libraries will take your product to the next level. Prototype and assemble in a flash, and tap into our developer community at Qlik Branch for support and tips. And with Qlik’s broad set of APIs, you can seamlessly integrate, deploy, and deliver world-class analytics to your customers – fast.

Modern Visual Analytics

We put the power of the Qlik associative data indexing engine and visualizations in your hands through open and modern APIs and hundreds of available extensions – so you can easily embed compelling visual analytics.

Integrate, Extend, Manage

Qlik APIs use modern languages like JavaScript and libraries that give you flexibility to build, extend, and combine Qlik visual analytics with web and desktop technologies. See what makes our integration unique.

Your Embedding Playground

Built for developers by developers, Qlik Playground is a free programming environment that gives you access to Qlik’s engine and APIs. Learn from others and experience firsthand how Qlik will satisfy your app-building and extension needs.

Business Managers

When you embed analytics with Qlik, you’re backed by the proven experience of a 7-year leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. With over 900 global OEM partners, we know what true product differentiation looks like. Our market-leading visual analytics platform can deliver new, consistent revenue streams and get you to ROI fast. We make it our mission to satisfy all the needs of all your customers – and attract new ones.

Trusted Experience

We’ve been working with OEM partners since 2005, so our technical, sales, and marketing support framework is global, mature, and proven. Uncover how a business partnership with Qlik can benefit you and your customers.

Your New Competitive Edge

Embedded analytics drive competitive advantage in more ways than one. Learn how cloud providers use embedded analytics to get results and how you can achieve data-driven success.

The Strategic Solution

Your success is our first priority. That’s why our platform adapts to fit into your evolving analytics strategy. Because embedded analytics is the future, you’re already ahead of the game.